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24 October 2023 Beyond Labeling:
Exploring the Horizons of Unsupervised Machine Learning

In the continuously changing world of technology, innovation is a never-ending task. As a pioneer in the field of computational intelligence, our team is always digging into the complexities of machine learning, exploring new horizons, and honing skills. We are still looking for solutions that have the potential to revolutionise the way we view data. Snapshot Spectral Clustering (SSC) is one such ground-breaking innovation. In this essay, we will go into SSC and applications it promises in the future.

7 June 2023 ChatGPT – a remarkable solution in the world of expert models

ChatGPT acquired a lot of fame in such a rapid manner, that for a lot of people outside the AI community it seemed like a breakthrough we have never seen before. So lets ask the fundamental question – did the AI revolution really begin in the late 2022?

17 January 2023 Automation for e-commerce

Research shows that few inquiries need support from a consultant. And even fewer answers require making any decisions. Moreover, as many as 73% of customers do not prefer to contact a service representative at all. They just seek an immediate and effortless answer to a question. Our conclusion is that the optimal solution is to support e-commerce customer service with automation.

7 December 2022 Intelligent processing
of transportation documents
and queries

When goods travel long distances, the sender and the receiver often inquire about the current status of the shipment. Regardless of the time zone, they expect you to be available seven days a week, all year round. Research shows that almost half of the customers expect you to answer in less than 4 hours. And 12% of them believe that 15 minutes is the longest they are keen on waiting. How to meet such requirements, especially during periods of increased traffic?

24 January 2023 Flexible document processing
in financial institutions

Big loads of manual work are no longer necessary for financial institutions thanks to automation. It enables teams to be more effective in their work by reducing the amount of time spent on mundane tasks and freeing up resources for more important ones, such as customer service and data analysis.

25 July 2022 Is this the end of tedious
data entering?

Names, addresses, policy or TIN numbers... we copy and rewrite hundreds of different pieces of information every day. They can be found in official applications, insurance documents or simple invoices and all of them have different format and is unstructured.



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