SensID Label

SensID Label allows you to create labelled datasets used to train the automation models for document comprehension and understanding

Datasets annotation is an extremely time-consuming and arduous process. In order to make it easier, SensID Label provides your annotators with an ergonomic solution that allows them to speed up their work. The application was designed in close collaboration with linguists and annotators, and tested in practice on a number of labelling projects. SensID Label supports document category classification, named entity tagging and relation annotation for relation extraction.

Core functionalities

Asset 43

Document labelling and classification

Annotating entities and labelling simple and complex relations between chosen entities

Asset 65

Customized labelling scope and range

You can label and tag any information range and scope you want

Asset 49

Original document view

You can work directly on the view of the original document that is processed later on. Works also for scanned documents!

Asset 33

Automatic pre-annotation boosts completion time

For automatic preliminary labelling of the documents you can work with your own models, or you can use the built-in ones

Ergonomic interface makes work easier

Labeling on the original document allows you to see the full context of the data along with its layout and style

Set of reusable labels

An easy way to define your own reusable label sets, document categories or relations between entities


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