Utilization of sophisticated document processing and automated operations to improve overall user experience in e-Commerce is just inevitable. Exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition both on and off-site with the latest AI-powerd technology.

Research shows that few inquiries need support from a consultant. And even fewer answers require making any decisions. Moreover, as many as 73% of customers do not prefer to contact a service representative at all. They just seek an immediate and effortless answer to a question. Our conclusion is that the optimal solution is to support e-commerce with automation.

Achieve benefits at the implementation stage

Optimized efficeincy

Process documents faster and more accurately complement the possibilities of automation.

Reduced response time

Increase customer satisfaction by responding to questions and solving complex cases faster.

Increased revenue

Eliminate constraints, speed up tasks and streamline processes with IDP.

Improved flexibility

Maintain business continuity and high quality of service during sales peaks.

Provide surpassing online experience
  • Asset 63 Instant processing of data from multiple sources
  • Asset 14 Prompt responses to every request that appears in your inbox
  • Asset 36 Embraced peaks regardless of the number of queries
  • Asset 72 Exceptional UX due to cutting-edge automation

Combination on spot data processing with relevant context and automated answers or suggestions is able to redesign business.

The process known as “intelligent document processing,” or IDP, combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence with a machine-learning system. Our offering analyzes the client’s query before identifying and categorizing its content. When possible, it responds immediately. Additionally, it processes the customer’s request and sends it to your team for assistance when there is a degree of doubt.

What does this mean for your client? Above all, SensID Cognitive Automation-enabled customer service means accurate answers, shorter response times, and effortless contact via any channel.

Even more brilliant is SensID Cognitive Automation’s assistance to the customer service team. Processing natural language in any format and from any source. Contact forms and templates that customers dislike are no longer required. Any piece of written text can be used to generate automated responses to repetitive inquiries. What really matters here is reducing the number of monotonous, time-consuming tasks and shortening a service request queue by up to 70%.

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