About us

4Semantics specializes in building cognitive automation solutions and productivity tools.

We develop document understanding and UI understanding technologies, which we use to build a software that help users in complex tasks requiring intelligence. Our leading product is Cognitive Hand, a plug & play software that relieves user and saves even 1h a day of clerical work. The Cognitive Hand is super easy to use and one can teach him to accomplish his tasks in any business applications. Other products includes SensID Cognitive Automation which allows you to build document understanding models for any business purposes and saves time on repetitive tasks related to document handling.
By implementing automation using The Cognitive Hand and SensID Cognitive Automation, companies can speed up their processes and employees can spend the time saved on better use of their competences.
We have a unique team of engineers and scientists with great achievements in the field of AI and NLP, including 2 people with the title of professor, 5 people with a doctorate and a dozen passionate engineers.

People on our team
PhD holders and professors
Years of operation
4 800 000 PLN
in R&D funding, including National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR) grant

At 4Semantics, we invest in people and their ideas. We engage in R&D projects because we want to create products that are unparalleled and go far beyond any competition.

Tomasz Rzeźniczak

Co-founder & CEO 4Semantics


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