The Cognitive Hand

Cognitive means understanding and learning, these qualities allow you to relieve people in tedious and time-consuming tasks.

The Cognitive Hand understands documents from various sources, extracts information from them and learns how the user handles individual applications. He uses this knowledge and skills to save employees time by performing monotonous tasks for them.
The application is ready for use immediately after installation, does not require a long implementation process and manual description of each process, all is done automatically.

Every action performed by the Cognitive Helper means more time for employees.

60 hours
more with automated data entry
up to 20%
fewer simple errors and mistakes due to additional verification
1 hour
more - every day - to handle requests from Customers and employees
up to 15%
more satisfied Customers as a result of quick processing of cases

The Helper analyzes and remembers information from various sources so that it is at hand when needed.

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