E-mail automation

Automating the processes initiated by the client during e-mail correspondence or though other electronic channels considerably improves your client service speed and experience.

Using various digital channels such as e-mails, websites or chat services is a new standard of client communication. Information and product requests, purchase orders, claims or returns very often come through informal channels, and are often accompanied by the expectation of speedy or nearly immediate resolution times. Automating the process of case and issue reporting, as well as its resolution, at least in part, can make the life of your customer service much easier. It will save you time and reduce the number of error in claim processing made by the overloaded employees at customer service.

Automation of repetitive tasks

Such as claim reporting, editing or termination of insurance contracts, opening a new bank account, loan application, order processing or returns and complaints management. There is a lot of space for automation regardless of your area of operation – we cover banking and financial sectors, insurance, purchases and procurement and much more.


Logging a new issue

Relevant data extraction and automatic resolution start

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Completion verification

Checking if all documents required were provided

Asset 18

Attachments monitoring

Quality control of the documents attached to the main correspondence

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Redirecting the issue

Automatically redirects your clients to the right person and to the documents they need

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