Complex documentation processing

Automatic analysis of documents that are so complex that their interpretation is difficult and extremely time consuming even for humans.

In many sectors with an important consumer-facing component, such as banking&finance, insurance or public administration, completion of any affair is often accompanied by a copious amounts of complex documents. Extracting key information from contracts, certificates, notarial deeds, reports and other types of formal documents is complex and time-consuming. Automatic information extraction is a perfect remedy for such an issue – it allows your employees to focus on their core tasks, instead of spending hours and hours on repetitive and easily automated tasks.

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Asset 60

Public administration

Verification of applicants’ claims and requests, automatic data entry into domain-specific IT systems

Asset 58

Lease agreements

Analyzing requests pertaining to lease agreements and the object of the lease

Asset 59

Loans & mortgages

Verifying loan agreements, extraction of key information and compliance analysis

Asset 29


Analyzing claim and damage restitution documents, such as reports, statements, insurance policies and experts’ opinions

analiza-kognitywna-zlozonych-dokumentow-ang analiza-kognitywna-zlozonych-dokumentow-ang

Information is the resolution of uncertainty.

Claude Shannon


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