SensID Anonymize

SensID Anonymize provides fast removal of personal and sensitive data from digital documentation

SensID Anonymize is a tool for anonymization and pseudonymization of digital documents, including scanned documents. SensID Anonymize can help you greatly during documentation preparation process before business documents exchange with your business partners, and it can help you protect your sensitive data withing your company. The application automatically suggests the data to be de-identified, yet you also still have the option to directly choose the data to be masked or removed on your own.

De-identification technology

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Automatic suggestions of anonymization candidates

Personal data detection models suggest which information should be removed from or masked in the document

Direct selection of data for data wipe

Our clients have the option to choose the right one among system suggestions or they can directly choose which data should be masked or removed by themselves

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Partial or complete data masking

One of the basic options for de-identification are: putting a colored mask over the word, or removing some of the characters from the text


Replacing names with pseudonyms

The app also provides you with an option to use AI-generated pseudonyms that semantically match the meaning of a given entity and to use them instead of the original content

Anonymization modes customized directly to meet the needs of your organization

SensID Anonymize lets you choose the de-identification mode that suits you best among a number of available options

Protect your documentation

Anonymization, when done correctly, provides 100% guarantee that the data removed cannot be reverse engineered


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