Document classification and management

Automatic classification and verification of documents considerably decreases the cost of manual data entry and reduces document processing entry.

Every day, companies receive a nearly infinite number of traditional and digital documents, which often causes great issues in document organization and management. Yet, intelligent document classification provides a definite answer to this very common efficiency problem. Analyzing document contents allows us to correctly classify the document under a given category, verify its coherency and its contents, and to decide whether the document should be processed further or should it be redirected for correction or if any additional information regarding the subject of the document should be provided.

Introduce an efficient document analysis solution to your company

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Verify the contents of the documents

Check for document category and if the information is sufficient as a first step of the validation process

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Improve your data management

Organize your resources and select archivization candidates

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Data protection and security

Identify confidential data and improve your security profile by monitoring their flow and management

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Unlock the full potential of knowledge

Automatic labelling of metadata on your documents will allow you to access better insights faster

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