When a goods are being transported, both the sender and the recipient frequently inquire about its status. Important information is contained either in the body of the email or as an attachment. Service is expected to be available every day of the week. Particularly around the holidays and when there is a surge in traffic brought on by the movement of seasonal goods.

However, the challenges of document processing in logistics, transport and freight business are not only related to the service of contractors. Equally important is the proper organization of internal documents. As well as the management of official letters, which need to be fed into the company's system and processed to ensure the smooth and legal transportation of goods.

This volume of data can be taxing on staff and legacy systems.


Higher quality of service

Instant answers to customer questions when time is essential.

Lower service costs

Faster and more accurate document processing - compared to manual processing.

Reduced errors

Flawless processing of everyday forms and official letters.

Flexibility during peak sales

Better resource allocation and planning decisions with accurate analytics.

Communication with the client can be significantly accelerated regardless of the type of inquiry
  • sens-id-icon-12 Feed data from e-mails, attachments, forms or official documents into the system
  • sens-id-icon-125 Process data from e-mails, attachments, forms or official documents into the system
  • sens-id-icon-17 Answer unlimited amounts of inquiries at any time of the day or year
  • sens-id-icon-42 Save the time necessary to process shipping documents

Process begins the moment you accept a transport order and can be completed in seconds. Data entry requires little to no supervision or effort, and documents do not need to follow any particular format. You can adapt the process of data pulling to include new fields of the document, and you can also change or add the type or format of information that the system is looking for, with AI.

Having the courier’s availability automatically checked in the calendar, and knowing the current status of the shipment of delivery date, helps you to save a lot of time. This allows you to meet or exceed global service standards. This frees up your staff for more complex tasks, allowing you to continually improve the quality of support for your most demanding customers. Instead of wasting valuable hours entering information into the system, you can focus on the core areas of your business.

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