SensID Cognitive Automation

SensID Cognitive Automation uses NLP (or natural language processing) technology in order to automate the processes of document comprehension in task automation and decision-making.

Once the analysis of textual data is completed, our system stores it in separate documents and shares it for further use as structured data that can be then used in RPA processes and in analytics. We developed our own technology perfect for information comprehension and understanding models that can work with any type of business documentation. SensID Cognitive Automation allows you to pool together data from various textual data sources: structural (such as different types of data bases), semi-structural (forms, templates, csv, html and other file formats), non-structural (doc or PDF files), and to access them in one integrated data view.

Unique technology

Asset 54


Processing even the most complex business and legal documents

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All possible
data sources

Support for all document sources and data bases in one single solution

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at the speed of light

Easy domain-specific customization tailored to every client

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Built-in integration with external automation, BPM and analytics tools

Document-based automation
in three simple steps
  • Asset 120 Prepare a couple of training examples you want to use
  • Asset 132 Build your own document comprehension model and share it with other users
  • Asset 128 Connect to a chosen data source and launch your automation processes

SensID CA includes the state-of-the-art technologies for creation of document comprehension models. Our proprietary technology allows you to build your own information retrieval models and hit high success rates in extracting the right information even with a relatively small sample of training documents. Choose the data sources you want to use and get insights about a vast range of entities: persons, products, vehicles, legal articles, places, events and many more. Our system is versatile and can adapt to a number of business cases and will be of great help for you on the journey to eliminate the most labor-intensive tasks in you organization.

Sector-specific services

Ready-made solutions for automation of a wide range of business processes and documents

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Banking & finance

Loan and mortgage application processes and agreements

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Public administration

Verification of official applications and forms

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Post-sales customer service

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Personal data

User-friendly interface

Our platform allows you to build your own models for document comprehension and for business use.

Automation scheduling and launch

You can connect to data source and plan automation tasks without the need for any external assistance.


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