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Process documents faster and more efficiently, while protecting the institution from potential errors associated with manual data entry. All with robust IDP tool powered by AI.

As your business grows, the time of handling various requests becomes longer and issue more urgent. To deal with them, the departments are expanding. However, as they scales, their effectiveness decreases. And each of your busy, qualified employees spends almost three hours a day entering data into company systems. This is the time they could use productively to solve the client’s problem. Data entry is a task that can be successfully automated.

Benefits of SensID CA for Financial Institutions

Optimization of manual processes

Replace manual document processing and data entry with an efficient automated solution.

Shortening the response time

Increase customer satisfaction by responding to questions and solving complex cases faster.

Improvement of quality

Eliminate manual data entry errors and refine validation.

Greater agility

Implement new processes and react to market changes faster than ever before.

Making the decision to automate brings more advantages to the business
  • Asset 20 Security and organization of official documents and data
  • Asset 25 Integration with current system that does not impact existing processes
  • Asset 39 Support for files in various formats and from different sources

SensID Cognitive Automation can process official documents. Define once what information you do need to extract. And earn time for decision-making, while documents and data are processed automatically. Data obtained from legal documents, tax office forms or policies can be automatically saved in a chosen format, or filled in proper fields in an answer template.
Our solution is based on Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) that extracts data from multiple sources and channels of customer communication. It provides your customer service team with always up-to-date data available in a standardized form.

Solutions’ capabilities:

  • Automatic data extraction from official documents. Data in your system without retyping.
  • Answering typical questions without bothering the team. Intelligent text recognition in multiple channels.
  • Information always at hand. Personal and business data in standardized form.

SensID Cognitive Automation makes it possible to increase document processing efficiency and decrease error rates. Savings in time, effort, and money result from this.

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SensID Cognitive Automation means not only the efficiency of document processing and reduced number of mistakes, but also savings.
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