Fast & easy product descriptions for e-commerce

Automatic structuring for product descriptions entails extraction and processing of information on product features or functionalities directly from any text form.

Creating and maintaining product catalogs usually requires a large team manually entering information provided by manufacturers into inventory and sales management systems. Our text comprehension technology allows us to provide services in automatic structuring of product descriptions – we can extract and process attribute information directly from text descriptions. Regardless of the format and description style used by the manufacturer, we can present product information as a single, unified and coherent structure.

Business use case scenarios

With SensID Cognitive Automation transferring selected product features to catalog management system can be a fully automatic process.

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In the case of retail sales companies, often managing inventories with millions of SKUs, automation of information processing can equal to thousands of hours of work saved on a monthly basis.

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Online auctioning services

Vendors at online auctions enjoy complete freedom when it comes to the description of their goods. Automatic information structuring can greatly improve user experience in searching for the right product.

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