Automatic analysis and management of forms, templates and official documents

Extraction of data from documents with a partial structure such as invoices, policies, certificates, etc.

Very often, the processing of forms and documents with a known scope of information is a bottleneck of processes related to handling cases in public administration offices, insurance or banking. Of course, the most time-consuming element is manual data extraction and transferring it to domain systems, it is also a tedious and error-prone task. Automation of handling documents with a partial structure allows for increased efficiency while maintaining very high automation efficiency.

An example of forms that should be handled automatically

Asset 108


as forms
or templates

Asset 103


which usually have
clearly defined format

Asset 118


sales or

Asset 39


with standard

Asset 35


tax such
as PIT or CIT

Asset 122

Account statements

in tabular format

ekstrakcja-danych-z-formularzy-ang ekstrakcja-danych-z-formularzy-ang

The purpose of computation is insight, not numbers.

Richard Hamming


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