Intelligent processing
of transportation documents
and queries

When goods travel long distances, the sender and the receiver often inquire about the current status of the shipment. They send messages containing crucial data in the body of the e-mail, or as an attachment. Regardless of the time zone, they expect you to be available seven days a week, all year round. Especially during the holiday period and in times of increased traffic connected with the transportation of seasonal products.

Most inquiries about the status of a shipment or the availability of a courier do not require making decisions, but efficiently performing a series of repetitive actions. However, the number of inquiries can become a big issue. Especially, when their number fluctuates significantly from day to day. Your employees perform an uncomplicated task: they open subsequent messages, check the answer to the customer’s question in the system. Then they the answer into the body of the message, attaching company greetings. As simple as that.

However, research shows that the average response takes over 12 hours. At the same time, almost half of the customers expect you to answer in less than 4 hours. And 12% of them believe that 15 minutes is the longest they are keen on waiting.

Things get eve more complicated for redirect requests. You need to quickly find out if the new delivery address is still within the area served by the fleet. Is it still possible to change the delivery address? When dealing with such queries, the accuracy of the response depends largely on the time the answer is given.

However, problems with document processing in logistics, transport, and freight business are not only related to the service of contractors. Equally important is organising internal documents in a proper way. As well as management of the official letters that need to be feed and processed into the company’s system to perform the transport of goods smoothly and legally.

Benefits you can achieve:

  • Automatically answer questions about shipment status and courier availability.

  • Feed data from e-mails, attachments, and forms into the system.

  • Minimise the time necessary to process shipping documents.

Automation begins the moment you accept a transport order. Entering data into the system can take less than the blink of an eye, and need no supervision. Moreover, documents do not have to stick to one specific format. Thanks to AI support, you just need to define different standards that can also be changed later. For example, you can adapt the process of data pulling to include new fields of the document, as well as change or add the type or format of information that the system is looking for.

Intelligent Document Processing works not only where rules can be set and questions about data or orders do not have to be asked in a structured, formal way. SensID Cognitive Automation recognises key information in the question asked in a casual, unstructured way, and then proceeds to find the answer in the database. You can automate answering questions asked in different channels and containing data entered in various formats.

Automatic checking of the courier’s availability in the calendar, giving information about the current status of the shipment or delivery date helps you to save a lot. By shortening the response time, you meet or exceed global service standards. Your employees are free to deal with more complex tasks at this time, which allows you to constantly improve the quality of service dedicated for the most demanding customers.

Solution’s capabilities:

  • Fast data processing. Instant answer for customer’s query when time is an important factor.

  • Compliance in your documents. Flawless processing of official letters.

  • Lower cost of service. Automated answers when no decisions need to be taken.

Instead of wasting valuable hours entering information into the system, you can focus on the key areas of your company’s operation. Do you want to try SensID Cognitive Automation?


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