Task automation for
document processing
and management

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Document processing & comprehension

Our unique solutions will make analyzing even the most complex documentation possible


Information sharing

Data extracted from your documents are subsequentially put together and sent to be processed and presented as coherent information


Tasks automation

Based on the knowledge from your documents and RPA tools for automation

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SensID Cognitive Automation first of all saves you time – time your employees spend on repetitive tasks of processing and managing all the documents circulating within the company. More than 80% of company information is text-based – it can be found in financial documents, contracts or in legal paperwork. A regular day at the office consists thus for most of your employees of reading the documents, interpreting them and entering the data to various IT systems. SensID Cognitive Automation speeds up document processing tasks considerably, which in turn provides you with the advantages of efficient document flow management, strengthening your brand and improving its image, as well as allowing you to put the skills of your workforce to a better use.

SensID Cognitive Automation

The user-friendly interface allows you to automate key processes on your own

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SensID Label

Intuitive document labeling in the original view and their categorization improve the performance of everyday tasks

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SensID Anonymize

It hides sensitive data in documents quickly and efficiently, allowing for their secure transmission

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25 July 2022 Is this the end of tedious
data entering?

Names, addresses, policy or TIN numbers... we copy and rewrite hundreds of different pieces of information every day. They can be found in official applications, insurance documents or simple invoices and all of them have different format and is unstructured.



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